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PULS Power

PULS North America is focused and dedicated to delivering the most technologically advanced DIN-rail power supplies on the market today and to offering unexpected levels of customer service and application/engineering assistance. Products range from low amperage power supplies to 40 amps, in single and three phase. PULS also offers an extensive range DIN-rail mounted battery backup solutions for your industrial needs. The new generation of power supplies from PULS brings to the market products that are up to 55% smaller than previous designs while offering unmatched efficiency of up to 95%. Additional features of BonusPower® for up to 50% additional output capacity, and active power factor correction for a power factor in excess of 0.9; these are only a few of the exciting new features. PULS has continued to expand their offering of speciality network power supplies with the introduction of DeviceNet Power Supplies along with their previous family of AS-Interface Power Supplies.