CES Transformers

Oil Filled Transformers, 30 plus years experience
Up to 7 MVA, 44kv, 250BIL
Pad Mount, Dead Front, Live Front, Utility
Customizable, Flexible and Fast


Fixing, fastening, and support products for the electrical, HVAC, and data industries.


Uninterruptible Power Supplies, power distribution, power management, remote monitoring, batteries and site service agreements.


Industrial and Commercial Cable management, Cord Reels, Temporary Lighting, Water Tight plugs/receptacles, Cord sets, Portable Power, Wire Mesh Grips and Engineered Solutions

Trend Networks

Testing equipment/services for Data Cable, Network, Industrial Ethernet and CCTV testing and troubleshooting


Industrial, Commercial, Electronic, Modular Enclosures, modified and engineered solutions, Thermal management for heating and cooling electrical and electronic systems.


MAXIAMP® Cable Bus Feeder System ventilated aluminum or steel enclosure for above grade and underground, vertical and horizontal runs.


Manufacture of miniature, low and medium voltage fuses, fuse holders, disconnect switches and surge products.

Rex Power Magnetics

Transformers: control, machine tool, specialty type, autotransformers, distribution, high voltage dry type power transformers up to 10MVA and 35,000 voltage class. Distribution transformers rated for Class 1 Div 2, reactors, rectifiers, reactors, custom power transformers and Temporary Power Products

Service Wire

Bare copper, RW90, RWU, Plexed feeder and circuit power cables, Tray cable, VFD, Teck90, photovoltaic, cathodic, pump and irrigation copper cables.