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Power your commercial ventures with Brodwell’s extensive range of high-quality electrical products, ensuring reliability and efficiency in your operation


Browse a comprehensive selection of electrical products, engineered for rugged performance and seamless integration into complex manufacturing processes.

Renewal Energy

Fuel the future of clean energy initiatives with Brodwell’s advanced electrical components, supporting the development and maintenance of sustainable power systems for renewable energy projects worldwide.


Optimize your manufacturing processes with Brodwell’s diverse portfolio of electrical components, designed to enhance efficiency and precision across a wide range of industrial applications.


Empower your digital landscape with Brodwell’s electrical components, helping to facilitate the seamless flow of data and ensuring the robust performance of your IT infrastructure.

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Brodwell Product Training and Support

Our team provides exceptional support across the commercial, industrial and data/IT markets in Alberta. At Brodwell, we accelerate solutions to the engineering challenges customers face by offering a diverse product line and informed support. Beyond product selection, our experienced team offers specialized training and seminars – ensuring your solution is effortless from start to finish.

Our tailored training sessions have included:

Lunch and Learn Sessions  |  Full Day Seminars  |  On-site Manufacturer Training

Brodwell can also provide guidance in product selection and their extensive industry experience ensures reliable problem-solving. From locating instruction manuals to reviewing proper installation methods, Brodwell’s training services will thoroughly prepare your team for the task ahead.

Environment Protection for Your Equipment

The right enclosure for the application is essential – select from more than 12,000 standard solutions. Design your standard enclosure with modifications, or select a complete engineered solution for your protection needs. Heat? Cold?  We offer solutions with complete Thermal Management products.

Hazardous Area Classified Location Training

Understanding the fundamentals for classified areas is key to proper product selection, this training will help you understand what products and wiring methods you can use to achieve a safe, reliable design using today’s newest technology.

Lighting Designs and Audits for Hazardous Locations

With the fast changes in hazardous location lighting technology, this gives an overview of traditional light design/sources vs. new technology solid state light  (LED, Induction, OLED’s)  and presents different applications to get more out of your lighting system and energy savings.  Also reviews technologies that are dark skies compliant.

Arc Flash/Circuit Protection and Calculations

Circuit protection fundamentals, fuse characteristics, fuse applications & current limitations, arc flash considerations and medium voltage fusing.

For over 35 years, Brodwell has offered first in class Electrical, Electronic and Data/IT products from innovative manufacturers that you know and trust.

Brodwell’s Rich History

With a legacy spanning over three decades, Brodwell has consistently delivered top-tier Electrical, Electronic, and Data/IT products sourced from reputable and innovative manufacturers. Operating as a cornerstone in the Alberta market, our dedicated team has provided exceptional support to the commercial, industrial, and data/IT sectors.

At Brodwell, we pride ourselves on expediting solutions to engineering challenges, offering a diverse product line alongside informed and expert support. Beyond mere product selection, our team goes the extra mile by providing specialized training and seminars, ensuring a seamless journey from the inception to the completion of your solution.


Brodwell exists by the approval of our customers and the manufacturers we represent.  Our function is to serve our customers interests by representing only quality product lines whose policy-in-common is to provide a high level of service.


Brodwell intends to be a “Professionally managed Sales Representative Organization”…one that provides a skilled sales force for a number of quality manufacturers, who will market their products to prospective customers in Alberta.  We will specialize in electrical and electronic products that are used predominantly in Industrial and OEM markets.


Our function is to serve the market needs of our principals and our customers in such a unique and different fashion that we are recognized as industry leaders and innovators.

Industry Resources

Explore Brodwell’s collection of resources including links to influential organizations that actively contribute to the enhancement of the electrical industry.